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Welcome to the heart of Catanduanes, where memories come to life and travel tales are preserved forever. Nestled in the cozy lobby of Happy Island Inn, Happy Island® Souvenirs is your ultimate destination for finding the perfect gift items, pasalubong, and trendy OOTD essentials. Our shop is brimming with a wide array of premium products that beautifully capture the essence of Catanduanes.

Why Choose Happy Island® Souvenirs?

At Happy Island® Souvenirs, we take pride in offering unique and original designs that reflect the vibrant culture and natural beauty of Catanduanes. Each item is crafted with care, ensuring that you take home more than just a souvenir – you take home a piece of the island’s soul.

Our Exciting Range of Products

1. Premium T-Shirts Express your love for Catanduanes with our premium T-shirts. Made from high-quality fabric, these shirts are not only comfortable but also stylish. Our designs feature iconic themes such as the Abaca plant, the detailed Catanduanes map, the vibrant GoCatanduanes! slogan, surfer waves, and popular Catanduanes destinations and activities.

2. Ref Magnets Our fridge magnets are perfect for adding a touch of Catanduanes to your home. These small but impactful items make for great keepsakes and are perfect for showcasing your travels.

3. Tote Bags Carry a piece of Catanduanes wherever you go with our sturdy and eco-friendly tote bags. Adorned with beautiful designs, these bags are not only practical but also a great way to flaunt your island adventures.

4. Keychains Our keychains are a fantastic way to keep your memories of Catanduanes close at hand. These small yet charming items are perfect for everyday use and make great gifts for friends and family.

5. Coffee Mugs: Start your day with a cup of coffee in one of our beautifully designed mugs, each telling a story of Catanduanes.

6. Stickers Decorate your belongings with our vibrant stickers featuring various Catanduanes-inspired designs. These are perfect for personalizing your gadgets, notebooks, or any other items you love.

Original Designs Inspired by Catanduanes

Every product at Happy Island® Souvenirs boasts original designs inspired by the rich culture and natural wonders of Catanduanes. Whether it’s the iconic Abaca plant, the picturesque Catanduanes map, the energetic GoCatanduanes! theme, or the thrilling surfer wave, each design tells a story of the island’s unique charm.

The Perfect Pasalubong and OOTD Essentials

Looking for the perfect pasalubong for your loved ones? Happy Island® Souvenirs has got you covered. Our wide range of gift items ensures that you’ll find something special for everyone. Plus, our trendy T-shirts and tote bags make for great OOTD (Outfit of the Day) pieces that allow you to showcase your island style.

Visit Us Today!

Make your way to the lobby of Happy Island Inn and immerse yourself in the world of Happy Island® Souvenirs. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, our shop offers something for everyone. Take home a piece of Catanduanes and let the memories of this beautiful island stay with you forever.

Happy Island® Souvenirs – Catanduanes Gift Shop and More. Your one-stop shop for unique souvenirs, premium gift items, and trendy OOTD essentials. See you soon!



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